Looking forward to adding “drone pilot” and “aero photo” to the About page with this little guy.

Adobe just upped my 1 TB Lightroom cloud storage plan to 5 TB at no extra cost. That, plus hosting my photography website is a great value for $10 monthly.

“Dark Mode”, the home office makeover is finally complete. Although eventually, I will hang black frames with a few of my black and white images.

Just turned off the lights after dismissing all forty of my engineers and having successfully completed our three year project together. Now what to do with myself?

Greetings, Programs!

The first audio post

Night Lights

Photography is life. Not a lifestyle.

Who are some amatuer/hobbyist photographers to follow here @ Micro.blog 📸

I re-upped the MB subscription because…what was i thinking in letting in lapse? All previous posts disappeared as a result. So consider this the obligatory first post. Greetings, Programs!